Top 10 Reason why you should play online casino (2019)


Top 10 Reason why you should play online casino (2019)

Online casino have been gaining popularity over the years and it seemed to be getting more attention than the traditional-based casinos. Mainly because it can be accessed anywhere as long as wifi is present. Will Online Casino replace Traditional casinos in the near future?  So, here are the Top 10 reasons we think why you should play online casino:


Playing online is cheaper than the real thing

In order to enjoy the traditional casino, it will be very costly for you in some cases. Let’s say there is no casino near you, you will need to make a trip to your nearest casino which will eat up your time and gas money and if you have kids then you will have to hire a babysitter to take care of your kids so that you can enjoy cashing out those chips without worrying about your kids at home. After all of this spending, you might not have that much left to play in the casino. Playing online would be much cheaper because you can just play anytime you want, just switch on your phone and download the apps here and you can enjoy satisfying your endless craving at the comfort of your home.


You can play without distractions and with convenience

Imagine you are in a casino, you’re trying to call during poker, the guy at the back keeps asking you to all in thus alerting other players around you, and we don’t want that nightmare to happen to anyone of us. That’s why one of the main reasons why you should play online casino is that you are playing beside your phone/computer screen without any external distraction, leaving you to fully focus on your game. No shouts, No smokers gather around you. No judgemental stares. Nothing but total calm, just you and the game. Other than that, when you play online with all those external factors out of the way you have a clearer mind to think of a better strategy unlike the pressure you felt when playing on a traditional casino as trying to decide whether to hit or stand with the dealer and other players waiting for movement while sitting at the blackjack table can be very intimidating. 

You can get free money

As online casino slowly gaining more popularity over the years, the numbers of online casinos operating on the Internet are growing rapidly as well, more competition means more promotions and bonuses to attract more players. Nowadays it is guaranteed to get a free welcome bonus when you sign up for any online casino. Besides that, the more you deposit on your 1st play the more cashback will be rewarded and in some cases double the initial amount you cash in. There are even online casinos that would give you money upfront before you even make any deposits. This only shows that when you have more money to play, your odds of winning are near certain. After all, at the end of the game, we gamble to win money and have fun. When you feel like you want to try playing a new online casino, you can find most of the online casino will provide you with virtual money which you can play all of their games for trials. This will make you feel familiar with the site and get a feel of the games before you fully invest in it. Here you can also make up your strategy before you play with real money. Unlike traditional casinos, online casinos offer you more different kinds of prizes other than money such as the new iPhone, exclusive concert ticket, cars or even tickets to vacation resorts and so much more. 


Security is guaranteed 

Most of the survey results we convey to random citizens shows that more than 70% of gambling enthusiasts refuse to play online is the concern of being a scam or transaction security. We can be certain that you are 100% safe when playing online, as long as the online casino is registered you can learn more about online casino safety here. In order to ensure you play with ease registered online casinos will safeguard your transactions with sophisticated encryption technology for your every transaction. For Internet banking, a typical 128-bit encryption is required. Furthermore, online security will be constantly updated as new technology becomes available to counter the new upcoming threat. Most reputable online casinos will also have their payout reviewed by auditing companies and it will be published on these findings on their web sites. For online casinos, a wide variety of payment options are available that ranges from MasterCard, Visa, E-Wallets and even gambling-specific cards like Gaming Card. Online casinos usually find all the ways to make your transaction quick and as fast as possible. To play in a casino you definitely have to make transactions in some way. For land-based casinos, you have to go to a bank to withdraw or perform a transaction. This, however, can put you on physical risk as you are exposed to so many unforeseen variables, you might be followed or even worse robbed. 


You can track your winnings easier

It is really easy to lose track of how much you lost and how much you earn while you are playing in a traditional casino as you are so well invested in the atmosphere that it’s too late when the sudden realization kicks in that you are out of chips. It is always unwise to gamble without an initial budget, we always recommended players to keep an eye on the budget while playing. You can learn more online casino tips here. You can easily keep track of your earnings and lose while playing online casino, you can also set up alarm or alert when your spending has exceeded your initial intention thus greatly reduce yours loses.

Variety of games

You can find varieties of games on any online casino, Massive online casino games providers such as Playtech and Spadegaming have countless of games that may trigger your selection phobia as you have trouble picking which slots to play and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as online casino also have other gambling categories like 4D, Horse Racing, Ocean King and so so soooo much more. Just Imagine we fit a horse racing field a whole casino an arcane into one small Apps that fit right into your pocket.


Playing online casino is very fair and enjoyable.

In traditional poker, people that have more challenges in hiding their facial expression will have a bigger disadvantage compared to those that have experiences on faking their expression. Therefore it is safe to say that not all people can enjoy the same amount of pleasure when playing poker. However, with the online casino, you are playing behind the screen where you are alone and no one will be able to tell whether you are winning or losing. And your identity will remain anonymous throughout the game giving you a slight boost in your confidence. Furthermore, you can always change players if you feel disadvantaged, players can be easily replaced in less than a minute just change the lobby room or change to the next poker game. They are so many different types of poker games out there for your choosing, each with their own unique interface and user experience. You can click here for more online poker tips.


Customer support is provided 24/7

Because of the flexibility of online casinos, problems are bound to arise anytime. So, customer service is available 24/7 and it is not only provided through toll-free telephonic support but email support is also available as well for most of the online casinos. Which means, it does not matter whether night or day, there are people on the line to answer any questions or trouble you have. Live chat is also available 24/7 besides each game you are currently playing making it much more easy for support. 


You can play in your own comfort

To play in a traditional casino, there will always be a dress code to enter a casino due to the ethnicity and luxury of the casino but for online casino you can simply play it in your house with or without clothes based on your own preference. Let’s say you are an extreme introvert that does not like to socialize with other people, or you dislike the smell of tobacco or just hate crowded area or just want to enjoy gambling after a hard day at work. Then online casino is the best thing that has ever invented since traditional casino. 


Play anytime anywhere

Last but not least, the best thing about online casinos is that you can always play it, no matter where you are or what you are currently doing! If you were to ask someone would it possible to roll slots while you are taking a dump on the toilet, people would think that you are talking nonsense, and with the help of technology miracles, it has become a norm now. You can play online slots just about anywhere, while waiting for a bus, taking a hike, waiting for your interview, anytime you want as long as wifi is theirs! And with the all-new SCR888 / 918Kiss online gambling is reaching new heights and is expected to exceed traditional player count soon….very soon.


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