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Casinos are a rarity in Malaysia, which is why Malaysians love online casinos, simply because online casinos are so easy to enter and play, any gambling enthusiasts with a mobile phone can do it. Asia has always been the fastest-growing market for online casinos, and the competition is certainly strong. One look at the google search result is enough to make one’s head spin from the sheer abundance of options out there for a beginner looking to join in on the online casino hype. There’s 918Kiss, bolaking, 96slots and many more, but which one of them is worth trying out? Which one has the highest quality entertainment, the most satisfying customer service, the most user-friendly interface? These are what we will be investigating today. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia.



For a place with unlimited access to slot machines, poker, fishing games, and other live casino games, look no further than 96Slots. 96Slots is an online slot machine platform run by 96cash, a trusted company accredited by PAGCOR that works hard to provide a safe space for gamblers to play online games. The site boasts an enormous player base across the country, averaging at tens of thousands of spins per day due to its endless attraction and promotion for players. It contains countless various slot machines with low risk, high return games and considered to be a home for slot machines all provided by well-known providers such as 918Kiss, SpadeGaming, MicroGaming and Speedtech, all readily available and only one click away.



A lot of interesting gamblers joined the kkslots family because they are attracted to the bonuses available in their online casino, but that is not the only reason. Kkslots is a home for passionate gamblers, and you can tell from their abundance of games supplied by well-known providers both international and local, to their amazing customer service that runs endlessly day and night. Kkslots has online slot machine games, immersive live casino experience, and leisure adventure games that come with both 2D and 3D, all tested for quality assurance and gameplay fairness. The satisfaction of striking gold on their progressive jackpot is unparalleled, it serves as one of the main attractions of the casino. On Kkslots, the potential for entertainment is simply endless.



Ibet6888 is a one-stop destination for online sports betting with huge bonus payouts and great odds. Players can either join their live casino for online games, buy their 4D lottery or engage in their main attraction that is sports betting. Bettors can choose whatever sports category they wish, options available include horse racing, major league football, small local tournaments, and even virtual sports. Esports betting is a hot and trending topic now on the casino and people from both left and right are jumping on board to try to predict which popular esports team will win the next major tournament, if you’re confident in your match analysis  and outcome prediction skills, make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity to join them and win big returns.




EClbet does not just provide a trusted platform for Malaysians and Singaporeans to engage in traditional sports, virtual sports, and e-sports betting, they also provide reliable news, effective guides and verified reviews on a daily basis for readers to learn and make better bets. ECLbet is run by a team of experts that have years of experience in sports outcome prediction and match analysis. Like all betting sites, bonuses and cash rebates are a must, and the site provides them generously. Besides that, ECLbet also provides a ton of entertainment that comes in the form of slot machine games, lottery and many other attractive live casino games. 




Royal77 is a great way to kick off your online casino career as they are very beginner-friendly and helpful with tips, tricks, guides, reviews and player promotions. They give out free prizes without even so much as a blink of the eye, every day on Royal77 is a festive season with all the free gifts circling around. Win exclusive weekly cash rebates by playing their slot games and bet on sports, with over tens of thousands of live events every year, the player will never run out of options starting from the moment they sign up for Royal77. Royal77 also promotes responsible gaming and provides absolute security for their players.





One can call Winclub88 a jack of all trades due to the sheer abundance of game modes available in the online casino for players to choose from. If you’re up for sports betting, Winclub88 has them, choose any live events or esports events you want to bet on. If you’re up for some fishing games, Winclub88 has them, provided by the reputable Playtech, choose if you want to enjoy SG Fishing or GG Fishing. If you’re up for slots machines, there’s Royal Slots, VIP slots, SG slots and so much more. The point is: no matter what you’re looking for, Winclub88 has them, and you will never have to worry about how to spend your free time because all these games are always accessible through the flick of a finger.




When one talks about QQclub’s strongest features, one should include its insane promotions available for players. A look at the promotions page on QQclub’s official website is enough to make a person drool, the welcoming bonus and the wheel-spinning jackpot are all shortcuts to make the players filthy rich, everyone wants their hands on them. Deposit and immediately start playing to win, it’s that easy. This is why if you’re not a part of QQclub’s membership, you are missing out on a chance to retire early and buying a yacht just for yourself! Sports betting aside, the online casino also offers exciting fishing games, lottery, slot games, adventure games and many, many more. The prize is awesome and the entertainment is consistent.


Bolaking (BK8)


Without a doubt, Bolaking or BK8 is Malaysia’s most prominent online sports-betting casino. The ambassador of the casino is no other than John Terry himself, just this year, Robin Van Persie has also signed up to become an ambassador, that should be telling enough on just how influential the online casino is. Players can choose to bet on any sports they like, from horse racing, hockey, both major and minor league football and virtual sports. Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian Ringgit awaits the player that is lucky and skilled enough to come and claim. Security, an opportunity for promotions, BK8 has them all. 



Engage in gambling and socialize with hot and gorgeous ladies from around the world with Euwin. Introducing chat betting that brings you closer to the action with dealers, realism is what Euwin is striving for, but they do not let the focus on realism bring down their ability to have fun. At Euwin, every day is a party with all the special events, special prizes, special promotions, and special gifts. Join in on their live chat session or hop on to one of their games for a guaranteed jolly good time. Fishing games, poker, slot games, online baccarat and other categories all come with a ton of options from various well-known providers to choose from. 




Taking the number one spot is no other than Regal88, the most trusted online casino in Malaysia. They claim themselves to be the best online casino in Malaysia and rightfully so. Regal88 can be seen as a combination of all the positive and praiseworthy traits that are mentioned above, and more. Their fishing game is top of the charts and their slot games are top of the shelf, with providers such as Asia Gaming, Immersive Asia and Playtech. All games are handpicked by staff, which consists of experts and gaming enthusiasts from all across Asia. Only the most top quality content is picked for Regal88, so chances are, users that sign up with the online casino will never be disappointed. 


When reviewing online casinos, privacy and security will always remain as our main concern. Ease of access, different game modes, plus all the other aspects that contribute to the overall quality of an online casino, in our humble opinion, is easy to achieve when compared to privacy and security. Prize money sure is attractive, but we should not let it blindside us and make rash decisions. Making sure the identity of all your consumers are protected requires a daunting amount of effort, which is why we use this as the main benchmark to judge online casinos. We want to make sure no harm ever comes to our readers that is caused by our recommendations, we have a team of experts that will investigate and probe into holes and flaws to score just how secure an online casino really is. This ranked list can also be seen as a compilation of all the online casinos in Malaysia that has managed to pass our test, and that our research team has given a satisfying score. In other words, when we recommend a certain online casino, it means our readers can gamble there without worry. 

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