8 Games You Can Have Fun in Online Casino


8 Games You Can Have Fun in Online Casino

As we evolved into the new age of digitization, we no longer need to walk outside the comfort of our homes just to experience the thrill of gambling. Imagine after an hour drive to the nearest casino only to be crowded by people and clouded by cigarettes smokes.

For a lot of people, those who are living far from any physical casino will have to spend more including lodging, food and transportation fees. However, these can all be saved if you were to use the online gambling service providers at no extra cost.

In less than a decade, online casinos have changed the lives of fellow gambling enthusiasts such as you and me. Nowadays with just a tap of your finger, you can enjoy similar excitement as if you are in an actual casino such!

With the all-new 3D interface and the endless bonus promotion, online casino like 918KISS and SCR888 has brought forward a new level of gambling experience all thanks to technological advancement! Now you can turn your frown upside down when you are getting a ride home after a long day at work.

We here at catch23design listed down 8 types of games which you can enjoy while browsing through your favorite online casino


Online Slots


Online Slots

Slots are a great way for players to unwind as the game requires little to no effort to play while providing a sense of excitement. The best part is, the designers of the system made it even easier by enabling the game to run by itself without very little input by the players.

Some slot machines will let players choose the minimum and maximum bet for each game so that players will be able to change the total pay-out of the game. There are a lot of exciting themes ranging from the likes of “Die Hard”, “Pyramid Escape” with cool animations, scenes and sound designed by various IT & Design teams with famous online software providers such as Playtech and Spadegaming and so much more which incorporates mini-games which scores you bonus points that can give extra pay-out. These games will always give you a different experience each and every time!

For new users, a lot of these gaming sites will also offer a number of free spins so that you can get used to the games. Since all new users are able to spin for free, why not try your luck?




Baccarat is a type of card game whose popularity has skyrocketed intensely during the last few years, its popularity due to its depiction in popular media. The likes of heroes such as James Bond, an internationally renowned spy who takes his martini “Shaken, not stirred” has always favored this game as it is both fast-paced and requires a strong strategy to win the dealers.

Although the game is easy to grasp, there are various strategies that professional players take in mind when playing.

However, do keep in mind that it doesn’t take an international spy to be good at Baccarat, almost anyone can be good at it as the only biggest decision that players have to make is if they want to risk a higher card number.




Poker is a game of cards involving various strategies that include probability, skills, and psychological dominance. Although there are different rules towards Poker, the main goal is to get the hand with the most points which are stated in the General Rules of Poker. The game consists of a dealer and players who will utilize the shared set of cards and as each turn progresses.

The best part about online poker is that unlike the real-life counterpart, beginners are able to easily delve into the game without much stress or tension as there will be no real live interaction between players. Without the additional stress, online poker will provide the players the type of concentration not found in live games where they are able to strategize and win big money.


live casino


Live Casinos

Some users of live casinos may feel lonely as they are only interacting with programs. But not to worry, online casino especially 918KISS and SCR888 offers not only virtual client managers but also Live Casinos with the use of professional set-up live cam which stream dealers which players can actively interact with.

This will add a real sense of immersion to players where they can see live dealers who are friendly and delivers really good customer service. With these services, the player will be able to experience the thrills of live games and direct interaction with the dealers. Gone are the days where the online casino offers just virtual programs without any real-world interaction. There are also other games which this service is available; The more famous ones being Poker, Roulette & Baccarat. These are relatively new offerings given by online casinos which provide players a sense of immersion when playing the games offered by online casinos.

Users who are veterans in playing poker will be able to use this service to play with other gamblers and this enables them to look at other players. Because this game requires a lot of psychological strategy and bluff, imagine the face of the other players as you outsmart them by having cards with very bad odds. This is the type of game where all players can be equal in outsmarting others.

The interaction between the Poker players also carries great weight as players who are good at the game are often bold in signaling their intentions whilst others are capable of bluffing through finely tuned facial expressions. The intense rush of adrenaline while playing online live casinos is second to none.


fishing games


Fishing Games

Unlike traditional casinos, online casinos also offer new and exciting games made by passionate software engineers with an outstanding passion for designing games that can be played through the computer or smartphone. One of the latest inventions is the Arcade Fishing Games. Using spectacular graphics and awesome interactivity, fishing games such as Ocean King have garnered a large following. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible by shooting fish and other varies marine life forms seen on the screen with a net gun. Not only that, when playing with a team, you will be able to catch bigger fishes like the Arowana, sharks and even whales. There are also many special bosses and you may even be able to catch a glimpse of the Legendary “Lucky Dragon Fish”! These types of games will reward all players together especially when everyone is working together. The bigger the fish you are able to defeat, the more you score and the higher the chance you’ll be able to win Big Money!




Lotteries are also another fun way to pass time as a group. However, there are a lot of different forms of lottery including Keno & Bingo. The goal of the game is to mark off the numbers on the card purchased or given to the player. The winner will be selected from the community based on the first person to mark off all their numbers on the card.

Lotteries are usually catered for individuals or groups that focus on spending a long time so that they can relax and play the game at a steady pace as compared to card games such as Poker or Baccarat.

As the number progresses, the competition may become intense for fellow players as there are a lot of people that may have scored the corresponding area that may allow them to get the grand prize.





Roulette is also one of the games that are well-loved by players. Although different casinos may have additional lots for wagers, the rules will always remain the same. A wager can be made for the ball to land on different colors or numbers of the player’s choice. Once the wagering is done, the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball from the other direction. If the ball lands on the place of the player’s wager, the player will win, while those that did not choose the selection will lose the game.

Just like real-life, the wheel represents the luck of the players. And if luck is on your side and the ball lands according to the correct slot, you can win more than double or triple your initial wagered amount. Because this is purely a luck-based game, it is recommended for players who are feeling lucky as this feeling may bring about positive effects as mentioned in “The Law of Attraction”.

The key benefit of playing roulette is that there are no unnecessary distractions such as the noise made by other players or being hassled by other players or the dealer. All of these obvious distractions will deter the player from making the correct decision.


sport betting


Sports Betting

Lastly, although casinos are unable to provide any form of sports gambling due to its strict nature of offering only in-house games, most players will have to go to the licensed sports center to wager on the sport. However, online casinos have been able to provide Sports betting by utilizing the service provided by the Sports center to show current live games so that players utilizing the online casino as the main platform to easily bet on any teams or sports that they want.

Sports betting itself is a really exciting way to promote and support your favorite Sports Team. Imagine watching your Country win the World Cup or getting Top placements in any kinds of Tournament, both you and your team will feel the same kind of accomplishment… Plus, if you’ve also bet on them, you will also be getting extra money in return! Where’s the fun in watching sports if you can’t have a friendly wager on their performance?

There are also a lot of other kinds of smaller details that the Sports Betting system allows you to wager including the number of goals, best players or even first eliminated teams from the competition for Football to even First, Second & Third racers in F1, MotoGP Competitions to even games from the Olympic Games.


Online Casino Free Bonus


Better Benefits

With so many exciting games and activities that you can use through an online casino, you might be thinking, could it get any better than this? The answer is YES! The online casino offers free zero deposit bonuses and sign up bonuses or welcome bonuses in order to keep newcomers in. Unlike real-world casinos, these virtual casinos have no problems when it comes to providing free gifts and bonuses. There are also a lot of offers including daily changes in the rate of tokens, special rates & discounts for special days (i.e. birthday, marriage anniversary, etc.) and so much more. which can enhance the player’s gaming experience and also top-notch customer service which can be accessed 24/7.


Why is Online Casino the New Trend

As the online casino has started giving more and more perks to its users, a lot of casinos in the strips of Nevada and Macau have actually started providing similar options to both online savvy folks and regular customers to utilize their systems so that they are able to access the casino.

Somehow, although gambling is only legal in certain parts of the world while others have very strict rules governing its operations (i.e. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.), the internet penetrates through every Country. Therefore, there are various legal entities that govern these institutions by allocating licenses and various strict regulations so that the games or services provided the same chance and probability similar to any casinos in the real world through the use of the entities Random Number Generator (RNG) system.

Similarly, there are also various entities from different countries outsourcing their games to other countries. But make no mistake, after various scams and scandals that various online casinos were previously involved in, there have been various Country-based Gaming Control Board (GCB) or Gaming Authorities that heavily regulate all games provided by registered casino sites. With the stringent quality control in mind, various systems were placed to make board-wide check and balance so that the Company operating the online casino does not get away with the use of terrible rates compared to the normal regulations that are found in real-world casino games.

Due to the above regulation and also the advent of the Personal Data Protection Policy which is adopted worldwide, you can safely bet with us to ensure that the money transferring in and out of these services is confidential, secure and completely legal.

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