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The difference between online poker and traditional table poker


The difference between online poker and traditional table poker

Playing poker without even seeing your opponents on a virtual platform? This method of gameplay has been on the rise since the first game of virtual poker was introduced in the early ’20s and has made a major breakthrough in Poker History, and has slowly taken over as the more preferable method of gameplay in this technological era. Some might think both methods are merely different in terms of gameplay dimension, however, choosing the right platform can greatly affect one’s overall gameplay experience and consequently, the results of winning and losing. Therefore, let me highlight the differences between online poker and traditional poker, and you can be the judge on which is better or more suitable for you.

Expression determines whether you lose or win

What does being seen by your opponent mean? Many underestimate the influence of facial expressions as they do not know that iIt might actually give your opponent an upper hand during the match. How so? Poker can actually be classified as a psychology game, as many players observe their opponent’s expression to determine their next step, in other words, if your face is considered an open book, you are more likely to be weighed down by your opponents as they can guess your cards and even make predictions of your next move, eventually making you lose the game or placing yourself at a big disadvantage. With that said, online poker will definitely impose an advantage for players that can be easily read.

Accessible anywhere 

With the convenience of the internet, poker can now be played anywhere at any given time. With various websites such that offers various sorts of poker games, it is not strange that players would usually gravitate towards online poker. The poker games are made accessible at the tip of the player’s fingers at the comfort of their own space, where they can enjoy a game of poker without having to travel or spend at a casino. 

Texas Holdem again?

A bonus point of online poker is that it provides more variants compared to traditional casinos. Casinos usually cater to the choice of the popular mass as they have limited floor space, therefore they will offer the game that is the most popular, in which the case is Texas Holdem. Therefore, it’ll be hard for people that are looking to try other variants of poker by playing the traditional poker. Comparatively speaking, online casinos offer many more variants such as five-card draw, lowball, and high-low split. With that said, those who like to experience new variants will appreciate online poker for sure.  

More hands

The usual live poker game can be very slow if compared to the online poker, where an average game usually sees 25 to 30 hands per hour only. Comparatively speaking, online poker players will see 3 times of what they usually see in live poker, from around 70 to 90 hands per hour, depending on what game they are playing. Online poker allows players to open multiple tables, which consequently enables them to get more hands every hour. However, this does not guarantee the increase of the player’s winning rate, as this also increases the risk of losing more money at the same time. Therefore, multi-tabling should only be tried out by those that have the confidence to handle multiple tables at the same time, or they might exhibit playing methods that are predictable and might expose their cards to the opponents. For more poker-related tips you can check up here Online Poker Tips