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Games are not really fun if it does not involve socializing, playing games alone can be lonely and dreadful, which is why Asia’s leading provider of casino games wants you to play with real people. All of the games we provide, such as roulette and baccarat, facilitate real-time interaction between players and dealers so that our online casino patrons can all have a realistic and entertaining experience. Our games are easy to play and the interface is pretty to understand, it will be a guaranteed relaxing betting experience for anyone who tries out our game. You can sit in at any game you want and the dealer will be dealing cards through a live stream as if they are standing right in front of you, it is a unique live casino experience unseen anywhere else. Our games support multiple bet types, these include banker, player, tie, big, small and many more, players will never get bored with the wide variety of games that we have to offer. Furthermore, with the newly added BidMe function, our games now support side bets so players can watch a game played by other players streamed onto their phones or laptops, while being able to involve themselves in the game as well. You can also handle cards and see other players handle their cards live, plus there is a live chat function, so when you are playing with Gold Deluxe, you are not just playing an online game, you are participating in an exclusive social event.


People love to play Gold Deluxe for this exact reason, we dare to be different, and we dare to push the boundaries of online gaming. We know we are especially popular among Chinese people, because our download rate is higher in areas heavily populated by the Chinese. In Asia, we are often ranked in the top 10 best online casino in the region, our reputation certainly precedes us. 

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