Blacklisted Online Casinos In Malaysia – 2021 [UPDATED]

One thing about us (gamble lovers) is that we depend a lot on online casinos to get the best betting experience. And as we surf the internet, we will definitely come across lots of online betting platforms. Sad to say, most of the other casino platforms are fake! Let’s look into the blacklisted online casinos in Malaysia below.

The dilemma you could wonder currently is; how do I know those that are fake? And how can I separate the goats from the sheep?

Alright, first you need to recognize the names on the Malaysia Online Casino Blacklist.

When you are familiar with those blacklisted online casinos, then you can easily screen out the bad eggs and make the best possible choice(s).


List Of Online Casinos That Are Blacklisted In Malaysia


For many different reasons ranging from “insincerity” to “fake casino agents”, many online betting platforms in Malaysia have been included on the blacklist.

Here are some notorious names you should look out for;



  • Withholding Payments, Casino agents are notorious scammers.
  • Low Standard Website, Spamming online forums.
  • Using different identities and/or posing as other Casinos.
  • Delaying or withholding of payments.
  • impersonating other Casinos; using a fake identity.
  • The casino agent is widely known for fraud. Always withholding payments.
  • Delaying or withholding of payment.
  • Fake online casino, fake guarantees, withholding payments.
  • Poor customer services, and unethical treatment of Players.
  • Suspicious Behavior, ingenuine transactions.
  • impersonation;  and using a different identity
  • Withholding or delaying payments, casino agents are habitual scammers.
  • Poor customer services. Withholding payment.
  • Unethical and fraudulent terms and conditions. Poor customer service.
  • Delaying or withholding payments.
  • Fake online casino. Spamming Forums. Withholding payments.
  • Impersonation; posing as other casinos/using multiple different identities.
  • impersonating other online casinos. Using varying identities. Online casino not genuine.
  • Withholding or delaying payments.
  • impersonating other top Casinos. Using different Identities.
  • Withholding payment. Using different identities. Posing as other online casinos.
  • Withholding or delaying payment.
  • Casino agents reported to be scammers, delaying or withholding payments, unethical and unfair treatment of players.
  • Delaying transactions. Withholding payments. Poor customer service.
  • Refusing to pay winners. Poor services and transactions.
  • Withholding or delaying payments.
  • Withholding payments, Unethical and unfavorable treatment of players.
  • Rendering poor services to players. Withholding or delaying payments. Casino agents are notorious scammers.
  • Online casino not genuine.
  • Withholding payment.
  • Forums are full of spam. The website is not up to standard. Casino agents reportedly scam players.
  • impersonating other online casinos. Using multiple Identities.
  • Withholding or delaying payments.
  • Online casino is not genuine. Payments are Withheld.
  • Withholding payment. Unethical and unfavorable treatment of players. Fake online casino.
  • Posing as other online casinos and using different Identities
  • Poor transaction process. Refusing to pay players. Impersonation of other top online casinos. Using varying identities.
  • Withholding payments
  • Withholding and/or delaying payments
  • Withholding payments, ingenuine online casino.
  •  Casino agents are notorious scammers.
  • Withholding payments.
  • Reported fraudulent activities by casino agents.
  • Withholding, denying, or delaying of payments.
  • Withholding and delaying of payments.
  • Withholding payments.
  • reported fraudulent activities by online casino agents.
  • Tricking players by using unfair gaming systems and protocols.
  • Poor services rendered to players, Withholding or delaying payment.
  • Withholding payments.
  • Posing as other online casinos. Using different identities. Fake online casino.
  • Withholding payment, inadequate customer service.
  • Withholding payment.
  • Withholding payments, poor customer services.
  • Withholding or delaying of payments.
  • Withholding of payments. Unethical/unfair treatment of players. Fake online casino.
  • Withholding or delaying of payments. Unfair transaction policies. Fake online casino.
  • Withholding of payments.
  • Withholding or complete denial of payments. Untrusted online casino.
  • Withholding or delaying of payments.
  • Withholding of payments.
  • Withholding of payments and delay in other transaction processes.
  • of payments. The online casino can not be trusted.
  • Posing as other casinos. Using different Identities. Casino agents are fraudulent.
  • Fake online casino with no trusted agents.
  • The online casino agents can not be trusted
  • Poor customer services. Unethical and unfair treatment of players.
  • Withholding of payments. Untrusted and unverified online casino.
  • Withholding of payment. Untrusted online casino.
  • Withholding of payments.
  • Withholding or complete denial of payments.
  • Delay of payments and other transaction processes.
  • Withholding of payments.
  • Withholding or delaying of payments.

Once you come across any of these online casinos, then you shouldn’t bother signing up. You don’t want to have a bitter experience after staking your hard-earned cash.

With that being said, the next pressing question is;


How Do These Blacklisted Online Casinos Scam People In Malaysia?


There are many ways through which fake online casinos scam people. Some of their strategies are;


1. They Take Away/ Do Not Return Your Money

It’s very common for players to win a large amount of money and decide to withdraw their winnings at the end of betting sessions. However, a fake online casino will typically withhold or deny winners from cashing out their funds — even if they meet all the required terms and conditions.


2. They Do Not Stick To Their (Own) Terms And Conditions

Most of these blacklisted online casinos made the unwanted list because they habitually fail to abide by their (own) terms. Hence, they are flagged as “untrusted”!

Scammers only put up those terms and conditions to attract unsuspecting players. But they have no plan, sadly, to retain their negotiating end.


3. Unfair Gaming Experience

Another major sign of a fake online casino is that their entire gaming process is not fair enough.

For an online casino to be deemed trusted, it must collaborate with renowned software providers like Playtech or Evolution Gaming.

These reputable game providers guarantee a fair gaming process. Because they are regulated by top agencies and are expected to abide by the rules of the game.


4. They Fail To Pay Their Affiliates

Another method fake online casinos carry out fraudulent activities is by not paying their affiliates. In other words, they depend on their affiliates to market their services. However, at the end of the day, they don’t pay for the affiliate services rendered to them.


5. Fake Online Casino Agents

Some online casino dealers are so daring and desperate. They can go as far as posing as top online casinos just to scam unsuspecting players. Hence, you have to be careful enough to clarify all necessary details before engaging in any transaction.


6. Things Might Not Be Exactly What They Seem Like

The truth is; sometimes, what many players perceive as a scam might not actually be a scam. That’s why the authorities are very careful when handling any reported case of online casino fraud.

After all, anyone can easily claim that they’ve been defrauded. Hence, if you must file any report to the authority, you are expected to provide certain proofs to consolidate your claims.

While many online casinos are fraudulent, the fact remains that many are very reliable. And sometimes, players who feel that they’ve been scammed are (actually) the ones who broke the rules. That’s why it’s very important to understand the terms and conditions of any betting platform before engaging in transactions.

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 To prevent any scammer out there, you can read our How to avoid online casino scam and the 

How To Define A Trusted Online Casino Malaysia?


Here are some things to search for to figure out whether an online casino can be reliable;


1. They Get Good Reviews From Most Players

Going through the review section of the website will allow you to ascertain how trustworthy the online casino is.

If the website amassed lots of positive reviews, then you can trust it to an extent. However, if the reviews are bad, or probably if there are no reviews at all, then you should look elsewhere.


2. They Are Licenced By Top Regulatory Bodies;

A licensed online casino will act by the rules of the game. If the gambling platform is not licensed, then chances are they do not play by the rules.

Examples of eligible licensing and regulatory agencies are; the UK Gambling Commission, the Government of Curacao, Kahnawake, and so on.


3. They State Clear And Fair Bonus Wage Requirements

Bonuses are very important in online casinos just as much as the main gaming process. Most players look up to these bonuses. In fact, many players depend on the available bonuses and promotions to increase their winning chances.

A trusted online casino is expected to be fair with its bonuses. Moreover, the requirements to obtain any bonus should be made very clear, fair, and achievable.


4. They Partner With Famous Software Vendors

To determine if an online casino can be trusted, you have to check out their software providers.

Majority trusted online casinos partner with leading players such as Playtech as well as Evolution Gaming.

Partnering with these reputable software providers can guarantee a fair gaming experience — because most of them are highly regulated. Hence, they are expected to stick to the rules of the game.


5. Safe And Reliable Banking Practices

How safe are their transactions? How reliable are their banking processes? You should be wary that most fake online casinos seek to extract players’ banking info so they can easily scam them. An authentic betting platform ensures the safety of all transactions.

According to above, try to ensure that the online gambling platform has a decent domain, and it will appear on the search browser, starting with “HTTPS”.

With that said, make sure the online casino has a domain in the first place (this domain name will show up on your browser, starting with “HTTPS”).

Most importantly, if you must trust the online casino, it must use encryption technology to protect your information as SSL.


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Looking For A List Of Trusted And Reliable Online Casinos In Malaysia?


Here are some top names you can trust;

  • BK8
  • me88
  • 918Kiss
  • Mega888
  • 22bet
  • Genesis
  • 888 Casino
  • Energy Casino
  • Hack million
  • King Billy
  • Bit Starz
  • Playamo
  • 777 Casino
  • Uptown


Final Note

Now that you are aware of the blacklisted online casinos in Malaysia, you are expected to always be cautious to avoid being scammed.

Again, you can always rely on the trusted online casinos listed above.

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