BK8 Hails Its New Ambassador: Robin Van Persie

BK8 Hails Its New Ambassador: Robin Van Persie



For the year 2019-2020, BK8 has officially introduced their new brand ambassador, the renowned football player Robin Van Persie. Famous for his amazing playing tactics, Robin Van Persie is among the finest top scoring players of Netherlands and Manchester United. There was an agreement signed by BK8 and Mediapro Asia after which the player was announced as the brand ambassador.

Criteria For The Contract:

This contract gives liberty to BK8.com to do marketing of their brand in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. They can apply all their strategies for branding by announcing Robin Van Persie as an ambassador who has collaborated with their brand, and serves as a model. This strategy makes it easy to set up marketing campaign in various countries by BK8.com as the football player has an image and respect among the people. The main objective set by the brand for this agreement is to make sure that alarge number of people around the globe get to know about BK8.com and join it as soon as possible. Also, the company wishes to work with Robin Van Persie in carrying out different events for sports. BK8 Cup was arranged by BK8.com earlier, in the previous years, which had gained massive recognition and success among the people. The company plans to organise the Euro Cup in the later years, as well as the tours of Van Persie to Indonesia and Thailand.

Views Of People With Respect To This Collaboration:

Most of the people are happy to hear about this collaboration. Their views and opinions about the brand as well as the ambassador seem optimistic. The general manager of BK8, Mr. Lawrance Wayneson is glad about the expected rise in the followers of BK8.com, that is due to the motivational figure who is now the brand ambassador of this gaming platform. He wants the prior members of BK8.com to remain intact with it and get more indulged in it. Other than this, he wishes to make this sports betting platform available for a large range of people. He thinks that Robin Van Persie will act as a source of inspiration for the people. Also, Mr. Lars Heidenreich, Mediapro Asia’s managing director, is content about being a part of this contract. He seems to be cherished to workalong with BK8.com and Robin Van Persie. One of them is the gradually popularising brand for sporting and the other is the human for whom people seem motivated towards sports and marks among the top footballers till date. He plans to seek more experiences and opportunities to work along with BK8.com.


This contact seems to be working between both the parties and success is likely to be a part of it soon. Mr. Robin Van Persie is too excited being the part of this agreement. He seems interested in justifying his role as a brand ambassador by promising to travel to different countries for the promotion of this brand. Also, he plans to make the company successful and fulfil their objectives to its maximum.