So many online casinos out there, so many to choose from, for a newbie player that has just arrived on the online scene, it can be a headache to sort out the good online casinos from the bad ones. Not many people know what makes an online casino good, and what makes it unreliable. This is risky as there are a lot of shady organizations out there looking to exploit online players disguised as a reliable online casino. Luckily, we are here to help. Our site is responsible for reviewing hundreds of online casinos out there to serve as a guide for future players on which online casino to trust with their money. We assess an online casino not only based on the quality and quantity of their games, we also prioritize customer service and treat casino security as a must. Last thing we want is to find out that an online casino we have recommended has brought harm to their patrons, which is why we have a security on standby to review and assess the security systems and trustworthiness of an online casino on standby. Without further ado, here are a few approved malaysian online casino for you to consider joining:



Winclub88 is a well-known online casino in Malaysia, you can see their advertisements posted everywhere. When we checked out Winclub88, the first impression was good. They have a lot of games and there is a standardized quality for each of their games. This is a good sign. They also treat their customers with care, we tested their service team by making very specific demands and asking specific questions, they were ready for all of them and was of great help. We certainly commend Winclub88 for being an online casino which is why we approve them. They are rated at four out of five stars.



Regal88 has an outstanding banking system. The system is safe because it features two factor authentication, biometric authentication and allows linking with mobile phone. The transaction process at Regal88 is a breeze, the connection is smooth, stable and meets no interruption. We definitely trust Regal88 with our money, besides, the entertainment content that they provide are plenty. Regal88 is rated at four out of five stars.




Bk8 can indeed be considered to be the most prominent betting platform in Malaysia. Everyone in this country that is involved with, or is passionate about sports will have surely heard of BK8. They serve as a one-stop destination for all sorts of sports betting. With football legend Robin Van Persie acting as brand ambassador on their side, their reputation is certainly stronger than ever. Bk8 is rated at a perfect five out of five stars, everyone in Malaysia adores them. 



QQclub is a chinese based online casino that is looking to expand their horizon by tapping into foreign markets, and they are certainly doing a good job at that. QQClub provides exquisite service, especially in their live table games which features state of the art streaming technology. Like their transaction process and banking system, the streaming speed is smooth and impressive. It will be as if the player is playing while seated right opposite the card dealer, making an extremely immersive experience. QQClub is rated four out of five stars.



Royal77 has everything. They have both single player and multiplayer fishing games, all of them exciting and fun. The gameplay mechanics are also unique and attractive. The slot games they provide all feature an appealing game and visual design. We can easily see ourselves getting addicted to all of their games. Luckily for us, Royal77 is also an approved and secure platform to play games at so we can gamble and place bets without a worry in our mind. Royal77 is rated four out of five stars.



ECLBet is a truly beginner friendly place to engage with sports betting. Not only do they serve as a reliable and secure platform to bet in sports, they also provide tons of match reviews, analysis and prediction for their fanbase to read and learn all about how to excel in sports betting. We recommend players from Malaysia that are not familiar with sports betting check out ECLBet, they are rated at four out of five stars.



Slot games are definitely our favorite type of games to play. They are just so simple to play, yet effectively entertaining. 96slots is a paradise for slot game lovers, not once did we get bored while gaming with 96slots because all of the games they provide are in equal status with the majority of triple A games released out there. We are grateful to have 96slots with us to keep us entertained during slow and rainy days. It has a perfect rating of five out of five stars online.



Another great place to hang out and play slot games online that we recommend is KKslots77. KKslots not only has a massive arsenal of great games, but the promotions and special offers that they provide for their members are certainly one of their main attractions. Players love to come play at KKslots because they do free credits and free cash giveaways to slot game fans almost on a daily basis, which is why their rating is so high. Four out of five stars online.



If you ask us what is the most underrated online casino in Malaysia, we would definitely point you towards Dafabet. Not many people have heard of Dafabet, but the service provided there is nothing but impressive. We love to bet there because they cover a wide range of fields for us to bet. At Dafabet, they have virtual sports betting, esports betting and horse racing. It is truly an exciting place to bet and it is rated four out of five stars online.



Last but not least, we have 12bet, a chinese based online betting site. Like QQClub, there are also working hard to not exclude foreign markets. We love 12bet because the odds have never been higher anywhere else in the online casino industry. The promotions and special offers there are also drool inducing, especially the welcome bonus and friend referral bonus that they provide. It is rated at four out of five stars online.