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To gamble is to take risks, and people that actively seek for this thrill are deemed gamble enthusiasts. Gambling does not have to involve large sums of money, some people take pleasure in making small bets. Gambling is a social activity, it is a type of communion, or gathering of friends who share the same hobby. Some close-minded people think gambling is a bad habit, therefore, the purpose of the existence of this blog revolves around rebuking said idea in a formal and orderly manner. It is time to discard our traditional way of thinking, because looking around, gambling indeed has become a common method of seeking entertainment by today’s progressive society. Be it visiting the casinos, or participating in a poker table online with a mobile phone, gambling has evolved into a casual past-time enjoyable by people of all ages, at any time of day. Indeed, by making gambling the norm via education, writing and sharing news, we can help reduce the social stigma or even eliminate it in the long run.

This blog is dedicated to the people who are passionate about gambling and seek to build a forum for normal, healthy discussions about gambling, it is run by a team of 24 people. We are a group of people highly passionate about gambling based in south-east Asia. Our team consists of gambling enthusiasts, software developers, writers and journalists from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Through this blog, we employ creative ways to teach the masses about gambling, from basic guidelines such as the rules of playing blackjack and table etiquette while at a casino to advanced strategies such as counting cards and employing the right mindset while gambling. We publish news about the gambling scene, and reviews of both online and offline casinos as well. Our news covers the comings and goings of a gambling tournament, typically pokers such as the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Our reviews of online casinos include the availability and variability of game modes, design, and functionality, ease of access, size of the player base, security, and privacy plus others. Our reviews of real-life casinos cover all of the above, plus casino layout and of course, how can we miss the food and drinks?

If you too, like us, are extremely passionate about gambling and wish to help out with our projects, feel free to contact us using the methods provided in the ‘Contact Us’ page. To join us, you do not have to be very knowledgeable about gambling, we have numerous sources here that can aid you and get you up on track with us in no time! If you’re here because you’re interested in reading up on our cause, do subscribe to us and never miss our updates on interesting and accurate tip and tricks on gambling. You can also check out our favorite real-life casinos to hang out at the slot machines, or online casinos to spend ten bucks or two during a slow day at work. We have videos and articles with various gambling-related titles, all published at a frequency of a dozen per week.  Our goal has always been to spread useful knowledge and raise awareness, everything we write and publish, we do it with the readers’ interests in mind.